Limbo Gapang

  • Limbo Gapang

    If you already visited Batee Dua or Gapang Beach, then you shouldn’t miss visiting Limbo Gapang. This fabulous place can be located straight out of Gapang Beach. In fact, just a one or two minute boat ride from Gapang Beach can take you to this wonderful diving spot.

    In Limbo Gapang, you can find different marine creatures like:
    • Nudibranchs,
    • Flatworms
    • Mushroom Corals
    • Turtles

    Limbo Gapang is another extension of Batee Dua rocks, which makes it even more wonderful because of its similar coral house reefs. In some cases, turtles and other fishes from Gapang Beach visit the area, which greatly contributes to the beauty of natural marine life in Limbo Gapang.