Batee Gla (Slippery Rock)

  • Batee Gla (Slippery Rock)

    If you are looking for a unique place to swim and to explore, then Batee Gla is one of the best places that you can go. Batee Gla possesses unique and outstanding features that you can’t normally find. One of its finest attractions is the natural under water rock forming ridge, which keeps you floating in the rocks.

    Batee Gla or also known as Slippery Rock is famous from its splendid view and wonderful location. It attracted so many customers because of the rock forming ridge and slope that is deep down to more than 40m. The enormous rock formation on its peak contributes a spectacular view to many visitors around the world. In addition to that, Batee Gla offers a past sweeping current that makes you feel like “flying”, when floating over the mountain ridge.

    It is also a perfect location to find bumphead parrotfish and a whole bunch of garden eels, here in a shallow end or just about 18m. It is the best spot to view the garden eels poking their heads in the water current. It is indeed that Batee Gla is a must see for anybody who loves ocean and its creatures.