About Pulau Weh

  • Pulau Weh

    Are you looking for a new and more adventurous Southeast Asian experience? The Pulau Weh Island is the best answer. This majestic island cannot just offer a pristine and paradise like journey but also an unforgettable adventure with the underwater life. It will take you to places you have never seen. The air, the water and the sunlight are all perfectly set and combined to give people, animals and plants an excellent spot to live harmoniously and productively.

    The Pulau Weh is an Island located in the western part of Indonesia. This is surrounded with big body of waters; Indian Ocean at the west and in the east is the Strait of Malacca. This is a volcanic island that is known to be the “secret jewel of the South East Asia”. Once you visited and traveled the entire island you will have a closer encounter with Mother Nature. In this Indonesian spot you will see the variety of coral reefs and fishes that will take you to another fantastic adventure.

    The diving site in this wonderful island is known worldwide with its elegance and beauty. It is in this place that thousands of fish species and gardens of corals are protected and strictly preserved for the future generation to also enjoy. Diving and snorkeling are two of the top most enjoyable activities for people to joyfully do. There are more than 20 diving sites in Pulau Weh that everyone must see and enjoy.

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    The diving sites in Pulau Weh have their own beauty and adventures to offer. Gapang house reef, Pulau Rubia, Arus Balee, Pulau Jeulako and Batee Tokong are few of the famous diving and snorkeling spots in Palau Weh. In Gapang house reef, you will be amazed with the lionfish, scorpion fish and blue spotted rays. This diving spot is also great for night diving. Arus Balee is a diving spot that has stronger water current because this is a passage between the Rubia and island of Seu Lako. This character makes it very attractive for barracuda and sharks. Pulau Weh in the other hand is the best place for honey comb morays and black spotted morays to live. There are whole lot of other marine lives and adventures that people can have in this fantastically wonderful island.


  • Weather

    Pulau Weh Island is blessed with the tropical weather. You will get to have lots of sunny days that will give you the opportunity to enjoy the diving sites. The season in this island is great year round. There is a lower chance of heavy rains.

  • Getting There and Around

    There are various ways to get to Pulau Weh Island and around it. You can have a flight to Jakarta, Medan or Penang.
    After you arrive at Medan, you can then have a night bus ride to Banda Aceh and then have a fast ferry ride to Pulau Weh. Banda Aceh is also accessible of almost an hour ferry ride.

  • Useful Languages

    Using of Indonesian language while Pulau Weh is a great idea. You can also use Miningkabau, Sundanese or Japanese that are regional languages here. For foreign visitors, English can also be comfortably used.

  • FAQ

    Q1: What is the geography of Pulau Weh?
    A1: Pulau Weh Island is situated in the Andaman Sea. The Andaman Sea and the Nicobar Islands dispersed in one line from Sumatra until the Burma plate. This island is surrounded with body of water and some volcanoes.
    Q2: What is the best time to dive?
    A2: Pulua Weh has a great weather condition all year round. Diving can be done any time.
    Q3: Is it safe over there?
    A3: Yes, it is very safe to go here and enjoy the adventures.